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U-BAG - Excess Baggage Service Testimonials
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Dear Christina

Last piece was delivered this morning.

I want to again take this opportunity to thank Christina and the U-Bag team for another job well done. This is our fourth shipment with you and as always everything went well from the offloading at your depot up to the final delivery. The process was smooth and feedback was timely and efficient.

I was actually pleasantly surprised with Fedex. Their tracking system is excellent.

Best Regards

  • Dave Strydom
    09 April 2024

Hi Christina

I trust that you are doing well.

Christian Family Church Bible College Head office would like to inform you that our shipmen arrived in Samoa all in good condition and we have you Christina to thank for such wonderful and amazing service.

From us to Christina Jordao and U - Bag thank you for a job well done.

  • Christina Jordao
    25 January 2024

Hi Christina,

Wow this is a relief and amazing news. Thank you so much for your email and most of all I want to thank you for all your great work in assisting me with this personal and important matter. You and your team are great and I will recommend you and your company to everyone in need. If I can help you with anything by for example writing a letter of reference, then I will be very pleased to do that.
I spoke to Sam from Holland after my last meeting at 16.40 today and he confirmed all is good too now. Awesomeness!

I am happy I was able to send all so quickly this morning and that you handled all so well and with an urgent priority.

I will let you know when all is delivered by me next week.

Wishing you a lekker weekend ahead.

Kindest regards from Holland! Boy

  • Boy Hoogendoorn
    21 July 2023

Dear Melissa,

On behalf of Megs and ourselves, sincerest thanks to you all in leading us through the seamless operations in getting Megs’ containers to Vancouver!

Thanks for your amazing efficiency communication and professionalism.

Megan collected all 6 containers yesterday in what she described and swift easy and pretty seamless.

Many thanks again
  • Linda
    October 28, 2022

Good day Mr Britz. Next week I turn 81. Of that time I spent 40 years in the service industry (commercial banking).

My son migrated to Australia last month and left me with a huge bundle of unaccompanied luggage. Had it not been for your Melissa Otto I would have thrown the towel in a long time ago! Say no more.

You are very fortunate to have Melissa as a member of your staff. She is a friendly, efficient, patient, willing person. Very helpful and polite. I would have loved to have had her on my staff.

Please give her a pat on the back. Thank you.
  • J.J,.(Bokkie) Grobler

    August 04, 2022

Dear Melissa,

I just wanted to drop a note or thanks for all the help
I’m getting us sorted and all the pressure within a short time.

We appreciate and thank you.
I know in the service industry- one gets more complaints than Thank Yous.

We are grateful.

Kind regards,
  • Durotolu M. Adeleke
    August 8, 2022

Hi Nicole

Thank you for all the assistance-my son received his packages this morning

I really appreciate your support and assistance in getting these packages delivered so brilliantly!!

The service you had rendered was truly outstanding

  • Mohammed Moola
    December 24, 2021

Thank you so much Nicole

Your help has been greatly appreciated! The service you offer is just amazing.

Have a lovely evening

Kind regards
  • Katie
    December 10, 2021

Dear Nicole, Gabriela, Kevin and the U-bag team

Trust this email finds you well.

We cleared and collected our consignment on the 7th June using a local clearing agent.

I meant to write earlier to thank you all for your very professional service; we sincerely appreciated the courtesy extended during our engagement. Our experience was very positive - from the speedy booking process and competitive solution offering, your empathy to the circumstances (with our needing the consignment held longer) to the responsiveness of the entire team.

We will be happy to recommend the South Africa team/U-Bag to potential clients.

Wishing everyone the best - stay safe and well.

Warm regards
  • Santosh
    June 21, 2021

Good afternoon

I would just like to extend my thanks and gratitude for the excellent customer service from u bag SA. This was the first time using your service through a recommendation and I am very pleased. I definitely will be using it again.

Many thanks

  • Mama In Qatar
    February 19, 2021

Hi Gabriela

The 5 trunks all arrived safely, intact and on time, and there were no issues clearing them through Entebbe.

Thank you to you and your team that made this such an efficient and safe process. When we leave here in 4 years time, you will certainly be the first company I will email to make the return of our personal stuff happen.

  • Mark Liprini
    18 February 2021

Dear Gabriela,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for organizing to get Simons golf bag to Aus. After being in lockdown and us being away finally was able to collect it today and was all good.

Will definitely use your services again if we need to bring anything else over. Keep well and thank you so much again

Kindest regards,

  • Kylin Watson
    8 February 2021

Dear Gabriela,

I hope that you’ve had a great weekend. We’ve received our parcel yesterday.

Thank you for your excellent customer service and help. It is always a pleasure to conduct business with U-bag.

Kindest regards,

  • Leandré de Wet
    30 November 2020

Morning Gabriela
I hope that you are well.
I just want to let you know that trunks/ boxes arrived yesterday.
All in tact and good order.
Thank you so much for prompt, efficient and professional service.

  • Tracy Morze
    24 November 2020

Hello Nicole,

I am glad to say that all our boxes arrived safely and we are super super happy with everything! Including the incredible service, and your availability and help throughout the process!

Thank you so much! I will definitely be recommending your service (and using it again), in the future!

  • Jessica Linde
    29 October 2020

Good morning Nicole!

After much phoning and the guys in customs just being general (but necessary) pains in the butt, my goodies came home last Monday night and I got busy.

This is to thank everyone for your outstanding service and support from the first inquiry I made in SA to being so flexible and helpful during all my changes, to collection (2x) and wrapping on your side (nothing broke) and the final support.

I love you guys at U-bag and you have a client forever!

Wishing you all a brilliant week!

  • Ruan Jooste
    23 July 2020

Dear Nicole,

Thank you for the confirmation.

Your outstanding service is greatly appreciated and a thank you to the rest of the team.

Kindest regards

  • Ruan Jooste
    23 July 2020

Attention: MD and Operations Head

I would like to take this opportunity to bring to your attention the excellent service that I received from Kevin Smal.

In summary, there was a portion of a quoted assignment that was not shipped and I was dealing with Kevin to have the matter resolved.

Although the turnaround on the decision was slow (no fault of Kevin's, but rather a decision on the escalating to Management) Kevin fully understood and attended to the Customers needs.

The finally arrived yesterday, intact, and wrapped as instructed to Kevin.

SInce immigrating to Ireland, our return trips to South Africa always result in us shipping goods with U-bag. In the10 years that we have been gone I can't tell you how many people we have recommended use of your services to.

The resolution of this current matter really showed that your Company will stand good for their Customers. That is really appreciated. We will continue to support and refer you wherever possible.

Let me also make mention of:
1. Your Receptionist who answers your switchboard - SO professional and speaks clearly.
2. Claire in Finance - again professional and helpful.
3. All the people in the background that worked tirelessly to get the delivery to me.

You are a good example of what South Africa still has going for itself. Keep it up!

Kindest regards

  • Raymond Heekes
    17 July 2020

Morning all!

Our packages arrived this morning and so far everything seems to be in as many pieces as it should be!
Thanks for the great service! I already have and will keep recommending your service to people on our expat groups!

Keep it up!

  • Cloete
    17 Oct 2019

Thank you so much! George has just been here and taken the goods - such a nice chap - please make sure he is aware of how good he was thank you

  • Halina Ellis
    16 September 2019


Thank you very much for a great service. You came highly recommended and did not disappoint!

Have a stunning day,

Kind regards.

  • Kara-Lee Payne
    26 August 2019

Hi Nicole

Thank you so much for your excellent service. We received our boxes today at Cyprus airport. Will definitely recommend u bag to everyone and will contact you in a few months time when we finally move to Cyprus.

Kind regards.

  • Kitsa Vurgarellis
    3 May 2019

Superb service from U-Bag SA. Great communication and more importantly, all my boxes arrived from S.A to Norway as scheduled.

  • Jill Wakeford Jansen
    8 January 2019

Good day Gabby,

A very big THANK YOU for your kind and helpful assistance in sending off our excess baggage. In a country where competent, friendly, efficient and cost effective service delivery had become a rarity, we were very impressed with what we experienced at Airline Express Products. May you and your company go from strength to strength.

All of the very best to you.

  • Maryna Buitendach
    30 November 2018

Hi Nicole,

My experience with your service has been beyond amazing and incredible. Thank you soo much for all that you have done to make this so easy for me. I will recommend you to as many people as possible and will no doubt use your services again in the near future.

Your driver has come and has fetched the 2 boxes.

Thank you so much!!

So hopefully the next phase to Toronto Canada will go as smoothly as this has been for
Take good care always

  • Catherine Palmos
    21 May 2018

Hi Nicole,

Thank you for the very efficient collection of our 2 bags in Johannesburg at Oliver Tambo on 16 November. This confirms that maureen Gibbs and I will be arriving back at Oliver Tambo today at 3:55pm from Kasane Botswana on SAA 8307. Can someone be there to hand our luggage over when we are through customs at international arrivals?

Kind Regards

  • Tom Neser
    23 November 2017

Hi Justin,

As discussed. Below are the contact details of Justus. We have used them for transporting goods for us on our last project in the DRC.

His service is fantastic and sure he will be able to assist with all your transport requirements for your Kenyan projects.

Hope you have a wonderful day further.

Kind Regards

  • Justin Hendren
    23 November 2017

Good day, Kevin

A very belated THANK YOU for making our Ubag experience so seamless. It was a little crazy at the airport, and I don’t think I adequately showed my great appreciation for this personal and professional service. This made our trip so much more enjoyanle. Its a fantastic service!

All the best,

  • Brigit Binns
    22 November 2017

Dear Gabriela,

I hope this email finds you well and having a great week.

Gabriela I just wanted to share some feedback that we received from Cindy and Douglas Lacey recently. They used U-Bags for their excess luggage whilst in South Africa.

U-Bag – and in particular Gabriela – deserve kudos for jobs extremely well done. Our luggage was well taken care of while we were at the safari camps. And after experiencing some of the smaller flights between locales in Africa, we decided that it would be wise to have the luggage transported once again from Tsala to the Intercontinental Hotel – instead of trying to get it on the sardine can that Mango Airlines was flying (the plane was nice, but it was over-filled) from George to Johannesburg. Once again, this time on short notice and for an out of the way route, U-Bag came through with flying colors. The driver picked our baggage up Saturday and drove the 16 hours to Johannesburg to get it to the airport hotel before we arrived on our plane. It was a true life-saver for us.

Thanking you so much for the wonderful service you are providing for our guests and for always excelling at everything in every way, we really do appreciate it.

Hope you have a wonderful day further.

Kind Regards

  • Leanne Dost - Wilderness Safaris
    28 September 2017

Hi Kevin

Just wanted to say thank you. All my goods arrived here in excellent condition. Your service was professional, hassle free and quick! I will definitely use our service again and recommend it to others!

Kind Regards

  • Daniel Nieuwoudt
    20 September 2017

Hi Nicole

Just wanted to thank you for the great service, I received communications throughout the whole transaction and there was no issues at all. Glad to have all our stuff with us now


  • Nicolle
    01 August 2017

Hi there

I just wanted to give you a huge thank you for assisting with moving my personals over to the UK from SA.

I received all items on Friday last week and was seriously impressed with the overall service.

Thanks so much for everything and I will definitely pass on your details.

Thanks & take care

  • Mandy
    26 April 2016

Dear Justus

I would like to bring to your attention the great service that I had received from U bag and in particular the phenomenal Gabriela Miguel last week

Gabriella managed to get my clients baggage collected from her hotel in Barcelona with only an afternoons notice. I am aware that it usually takes up to 3 days to arrange a collection.

Due to the short notice everyone else was panicking as to whether the job would get done but Gabriela was calm and professional as she guided me (a first time user of U Bag) through the procedures.

We managed to get the clients baggage back to South Africa at a fraction of the cost. I have been singing U Bags praises to everyone I come across and hope I will have the pleasure of dealing with U Bag again in the future

Yours sincerely,

  • Danielle Quarrie
    08 March 2016

I recently sent a package to Australia that was too long to post. U-Bag patiently answered all my queries while I made up my mind how to send it. Their quote was much lower than a courier and several removal companies I approached and the box is sent by air rather than ship. Once the package was in U-Bag's hands things happened very quickly and I was kept fully informed of where the package was and how to collect it at its destination. Thanks U-Bag for great service. Read the story on Hello Peter

  • Hello Peter
    26 February 2016

Hi Gabriela

Just want to thank you very much for all the arranging and the cheaper cost for my package collected and sent by you guys.

Thank you thank you thank you. I have just received it. Hope you guys have an awesome day. Many thanks once again. You guys are lifesavers.

Yours sincerely,

  • Tracey Bouwer
    1 November 2015

Hi Gabriela and team,

I just wanted to thank you and the team for the excellent service I have received once again!!
We have received our items and they are also still in great condition!!

Have a great week.

  • Tys Barnard
    31 October 2015

Hi Michael,

Just to let you know I successfully collected my bags on Friday afternoon, after they landed that morning. I only had to pay approx ZAR 650 for the handling fee and customs charge, so was very happy..

Many thanks for all your help and your quick turn around in getting my things safely here. I will definitely recommend you and Ubag.

Much appreciated,

  • Ella
    25 October 2015

Dear George,

The luggage has been received in NZ by my daughter. Thanks so much for the excellent service we will certainly support you all the way and will recommend you to everybody.

Keep it up

  • Mrs Morrison
    16 October 2015

Dear Justus and team,

A super big thank you for the amazing service over the weekend and the week leading up to Polly's departure. As you know, Polly was found near death, with her legs tied together in the Kliprivier about 2 months ago. She was rescued by CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare), whom have worked hard at rehabilitating her and getting her back to good health.

Pier Rush, a good friend of mine, based in Cape Town fell in love and had been following her story from the very beginning almost immediately having decided to adopt her. We've had quite a run around to try and get her to Cape Town, until I remembered that U Bag had an air division for domestic animals. From the word go, the service we've received from yourselves has been outstanding!

Thank you so much for your patience and expertise. It really has been a breeze dealing with yourselves and most importantly, Polly arrived safely in Cape Town at her forever home safe and sound...

I will definitely be in touch for any other dogs, we may need to fly and I will be singing your praises far and wide!!!

  • Taren Voss
    12 October 2015

Dear Michael

Just a big thank you note to let you know that we received the parcel on Thursday, the day after my arrival in Melbourne.  The parcel was as it was when forwarded by your company.

Our daughter was utterly pleased to receive it in good condition. May I just say a very big thank you and  to all of those in your company who helped get the precious books on the road and delivered so quickly.

Many sincere thanks,

  • Mrs. Janet E Harber
    08 September 2015

Hi Sean

Thank you so much for getting all our boxes safely to our home in Sweden. The effective service from You has been amazing. It will be easy to recommend you as a company to anyone seeking to transport stuff from one country to another. You have been utterly proffesional as well. Please pass on our gratitude to the Swedish component as well. I do not have their email address so cannot do so myself.

Keep well and keep up the great job.

Kind regards

  • Allan and Anita Sutherland
    02 August 2015

Hi Gabriela

I just wanted to let you know that today I fetched my box you sent out to Auckland NZ! The box looked like you had just sent it, as it was in perfect condition.

So many thanks to you and to U-BAG for the excellent service you have provided to me.

I will highly recommend you.

It is nice that with so many businesses being criticized in South Africa you have shown that great service is still available.

Kind regards

  • Susie Orchard
    05 May 2015

Good Afternoon Michael,

I take it that you are well. I just want to thank you for all the good service that you have provided me in sending my parcels to my sister in Canada. They received all their items intact and in order. Again many thanks. I will definitely be doing business with you again.

  • Paddy
    20 April 2015

Hi Michael,

Sorry we haven't sent this mail earlier but things have been a bit hectic getting settled here in the UK. Just want to say thank you so much for all your help and services, we are very pleased with the quick and helpful services we got from both you and U-bag and very happy that our boxes arrived safely and so soon from SA. Thanks again.

Keep well
Kind Regards,

  • Michelle & Kyle Barry
    24 March 2015

Hi Mike,

Just a quick message to say thank you for all your help and the good service. My baggage arrived on Friday all in good condition.

Will definitely recommend U-Bag to friends and family in the future.


  • Hein Kok
    24 February 2015

Good morning Gabriela,

I wanted to thank your for the excellent service from U-Bag. My excess luggage was delivered this morning, literally 5 days after my departure.

If I ever need to send across any excess luggage to any where else in the world, I'll definitely look into using your services again.

Thanks again so much.

Kind Regards

  • Sade Giliberti
    03 March 2015

Good day

I would like to compliment you on a wonderful very helpful Gabriela Miguel. I was in a predicament as my son was finishing at Rhodes University and he had four years of goods that he had to bring home and as he was flying it was impossible. My daughter works for a travel agency told me about U-Bag. I sent the email on the website and it was minutes and Gabriela contacted me. From then on we have been liasing with regards the bags to Johannesburg. She has been extremely helpful and I appreciate all her help as unfortunately in this country service is a bad word there is no such thing as good service.

I feel I wanted to bring this to your attention as people always complain and never gives compliments and Gabriela is really an asset to your company. I have told many people about U-Bag (they were not aware of this service) and I will give them Gabriela's email address.

Once again thank you so much Gabriela and U-Bag.

I hope you all have a very Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous 2015.


  • Linda Brugman
    18 December 2014

Good day Sean

I sent my package the same day as my flight. It landed in Cyprus 1 week later with no issues whatsoever.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank You for your support in the entire process of repatriating the remains from JHB to Cairo. All the `extra` help you gave us, means alot to me and the bereaved family.

The remains has arrived safely in Cairo for which I am extremely thankful and just wish to once again thank you for everything you did.


  • Marlon Marais
    03 November 2014

Dear Michael,

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank your team AND Mark from Jetta Express in Australia, for the professional and efficient manner in which our shipment was handled. We truly appreciate that both depots went out of their way to offer superb customer service. I will not hesitate to recommend your service or to use you again in future as my preferred excess luggage and freighting handlers.

Warm regards

  • Izelle Barnard/ (BEHR) - Warwick, QLD, Australia
    07 November 2014

"I contacted Ubag following horrendously expensive quotes from anyone else. At the point where I was going to give in and pay an exorbitant amount I found Ubag. They were extremely quick to give me a quote, their customer service is top-class and the level of professionalism throughout the company is exceptional!

I sent my package the same day as my flight. It landed in Cyprus 1 week later with no issues whatsoever.

Extremely smooth process and I would recommend them ANY DAY over anyone else for sending larger consignments anywhere.


Kind regards

  • Tim K
    12 August 2014

Hi Michael,

I have received my bag - completely hassle free and extremely fast! I am so impressed with the efficient service from U-bag i will definitely recommend you.

I have a question regarding a further package - My folks would like to send me another box with a few more of my personal items which would include a couple of my small kitchen appliances (smoothie maker and a george forman grill)- would this be allowed? what items would NOT be allowed

Thank you again for the excellent service

Kind regards

  • Lindsay Pierce
    19 May 2014

Good day Justus,

You don’t know me, but I’m a very satisfied customer & would like to compliment you on the efficiency, helpfulness & friendliness of your staff, particularly one Gabriela Miguel. We were planning on relocating to Calgary, Canada (where I am mailing from), to join my youngest daughter & family to share time which has been lost over the past 13 years. This was a major decision, as it meant selling up all our worldly possessions in Cape Town. However, there were various trinkets & memorabilia which we felt strongly about taking with us & with this in mind, we contacted your firm to enquire as to how best & most economically to achieve this. We were fortunate to be referred to Gabriela, whom I found, not only to be extremely knowledgable, but also sympathetic to our cause & prepared to go the extra mile to make our transition as pleasant, cost effective & stress free as possible. I was on the blower to her on numerous occasions with queries & questions & she always had the time of day to answer & advise as if I was the most important person in the world. I would like to commend Gabriela for her thoughtfulness, professional attitude & assistance – if all service providers had people of this calibre in their employ, life would be that much more pleasant for all concerned. Please thank her for us & congratulate her on her exemplary performance. Good luck to you and your Company for the future & enjoy a blessed Christmas.

Kindest regards,

  • John & Annette Barratt
    04 December 2013

Dear Gaby,

Sorry to have taken so long to write. Our suitcase arrived as we did, and the door to door delivery was excellent. The fact that your people secured it with straps was fantastic and everything arrived in one piece. Gaby, we could not have asked for better service, for which we thank you very much indeed. We will certainly be recommending you to friends who are planning similar transfers to the UK.

Kindest regards,

    08 December 2013

Hi there,

Just wanted to say "thank you very much" for the transport of my excess baggage from Cape Town to Nice which arrived on Monday. Everything went swimmingly and I'm truly impressed with the service that was offered together with the shrink wrap on all the bags as well as the constant up to date information.

Very refreshing.

  • Amanda Cruise
    10 October 2013

Dear Sean and John,

I received my bags at 2pm today. I would like to thank both you and John for a seamless stress free transportation of my bags from Dublin to Cape Town!

You have been wonderful, Sean, answering my mails promptly and keeping me in the loop. John, as always it is a pleasure dealing with Emerald freight where everything ran smoothly, my bags were picked up promptly and sent efficiently back to Cape Town with little fuss and no problems!

Thank you again and I will be in touch next year in May when I fly back to Ireland, and the whole process starts all over again!

Warm regards,

  • Barbara
    03 October 2013

Hi Justus,

Thanks a lot , Yes Sean has been very helpful throughout this process. I wish to thank you and the team on your efficient handling of our cargo.

Kind Regards

  • Yuraisha Chavan
    Marketing Manager - Rockjumper Birding Tours
    08 August 2013

Hi Gabriela & U-Bag Team,

I am really glad to inform you that all of my baggages shipped by you had safely reached Calcutta, India within 4 days of time from the actual booking date in Johannesburg. Actually it was booked on the same flight through which we travelled and we got the call from Emirates Airlines Cargo office on very next working day.

The condition of the baggages were excellent and we are really impressed by the services of U-bag and the assistance provided by all of your executives. On behalf of me & my family please accept my heartful thanks to U-bag for such a lovely & hassle free service. I will look forward to work with your organisation in future as well.

Thanks Again!!!


  • Sushmit Basu
    IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
    08 August 2013

U Bag rocks!!

I want to take this opportunity to thank U BAG for their incredible service, I am so impressed by the professionalism and the speed at which my containers arrived in the UK.

A pleasure to deal with U BAG, should I move anywhere in the world, U BAG will be my only choice of movers. Dynamic service from the first phone call to the delivery of the containers.

THANK YOU to all concerned.

Kind Regards

  • Sandy Klette
    14 March 2013

Good day Gabriela

Just a short note to thank you for your excellent service. Our luggage arrived in Pretoria yesterday – 2 days earlier than our deadline.

We’ll definitely recommend U-bag to friends and colleagues!

Kind regards

  • Lyndsay Jackson
    14 March 2013

Renier & Hoon ...

I want to thank you for helping arrange handling of our excess baggage.

The bags were waiting for us at Federal Air when we landed here in Joburg this afternoon, and it was extremely convenient.

The bags were in perfect condition, well protected with plastic wrap, and we found everything just as we left it.

Hoon ... thanks for recommending U-Bag. You were right ... this was perfect for our situation, where we wanted to leave some of our baggage behind while we went to Kruger.

Renier ... thanks for your help. This was just what we wanted, and everything was done professionally and per plan.

And ... we had a great time in Kruger. Just fantastic ...

Thanks to all,

  • Tim & Carmen Busing & family
    03 January 2013

Dear Sean,

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you on the excellent service I have received from one of your staff members, namely, Johan Benade.

This is the 3rd time I have used U-Bag, and I have only had good service both from U-Bag in SA and your agents locally and overseas ( London and Dublin).

This time, from the moment I booked my bags with Johan, while I was away and now upon my return I have only had the best attention from Johan. All my emails were answered immediately and all my requests attended to with the utmost speed, efficiency and professionalism.

Johan is indeed an asset to your company and I do hope that he receives the recognition from Management that he deserves.

I will be returning overseas next year and will happily be using your services once again.

Thank you and best wishes,

  • Barbara Kahn
    26 October 2012

Dear Gabriela,

We just wanted to thank you and your team for all your help in getting our stuff over to Oz. We collected our 3 boxes from Quantas freight on Friday last week, no hassles and no fuss.

Many thanks for all your help in making that part our move so much easier. I will definitely be recommending you guys to all friends and family planning to make the move in the future.

Much appreciated,

  • Brent & Cara Lee
    28 September 2012

Dear Gabriela,

Thank you for a most professional service – from start to finish
Please forward this to your supervisor as the combination of professionalism, friendliness good communication and efficiency is tops and hard to find wrapped up in one person!

Kind regards

  • Lu-Marie Sobey
    05 September 2012

Dear Gabby,

On behalf of the Proteas Management and Squad, I just want to say a BIG BIG thank you for the efficient way in which you executed the arranagements what a pleasure dealing with a company that is so super efficient!

Thanks so much Gabby!

  • Michele Schmidt - Manager: Logistics and Travel
    Cricket South Africa (NPC)
    08 July 2012

Dear Justus,

I would like to thank you on behalf of all the directors at Boogertman + Partners for all the trouble and patience you have shown through this whole dilemma with the model. Thank you for doing more than was expected of you.

Please can you send me an invoice and banking details so that we can settle your account.

  • Jenny Huyser
    28 June 2012

Warm greetings from Harmelia!
A word of thanks for the excellent service I received from Ludwick and Gabriela this morning – thank you!

The way I was received at the gate and the courtesy extended from Ludwick was well received. Gabriela was equally as helpful in making sure the bags I delivered were secured.

  • Scott
    08 June 2012

Dear Simon,

I had boxes sent from Durban to Brisbane, Australia and I had nothing but outstanding service from Johan Benade. He answered all my questions and arranged the collection from my mother's house seamlessly.

Even with the time difference with me being in Australia, my e-mails were always answered within 24 hrs and sometimes minutes of being sent. He was a pleasure to deal with, my boxes arriving in record time.

It is based upon his excellent customer service that I would recommend U-Bag as a first option when needing to send anything overseas. Please ensure that he is duly recognized for such excellent service.

  • Esther
    28th May 2012

Dear Mr. Britz:

This is Chengsuo greeting to you from New Zealand, our luggage arrived in Wellingtong before our arrival.
Thank you so much and with best wishes!

  • Chengsuo
    19 May 2012

Dear Justus,

Both Doug and myself are very pleased with the professional service you and Sean have given us with both exports this month. It makes our very hectic job worth while, to have attention to detail and speedy response times which makes the difference in business today. We really appreciate it and look forward to using you again.

  • Vikki Spacey
    22 April 2012

Hi Gabriela,

Just to let you know that Laura got all her boxes on Saturday right on time- no problems at customs or anything. All goods in perfect order and especially her desparately needed meds. Thank goodness for her Korean friend who went with her - it sounds like she would've gotten completely lost getting to the right building at the airport.

I want to convey our appreciation and thanks for all your help and the super efficient way that you and all at U-Bag handled the delivery. In particular I want to thank you for all your advice and showing that you care about your customers. Despite my many phone calls and spam email you continually responded quickly and always came back to us. This goes a long way to building customer relations and we would recommend U-Bag any time to prospective customers. So at any time if you need me to give a recommendation - you are most welcome to give me as a reference.

  • Enid Son
    22 April 2012

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this email to inform you of the commendable customer service I have just received from Lauren Reeks in South Africa.

I live in Vancouver Canada and my experience started two weeks ago, 21st of June 2010, when I contacted U-Bag's Johannesburg customer service at the following number +27 (0) 11 394 541. It was close to 11pm our time, just before 8am your time.

A little history before I go on, I had just been on the phone with my Mother in South Africa, who is immigrating to Vancouver Canada, she was in quite a state and very overwhelmed about how to ship her things to Canada. A friend of hers had told her about U-BAG, but she was too overwhelmed to know what to do next.

Anyway to continue, when I called the customer service desk in Johannesburg, a very friendly Lauren Reeks answered the phone. She tentatively listened to what I was requesting and empathised with my dilemma of not having anyone I could rely on to help me in South Africa. I also requested that I would initiate and be the contact person for the whole transaction. To me this was a tall order and I did not expect that it could even be organised this way from half way across the world. To my utter surprise, Lauren's friendly efficient manner calmed me immediately and she assured me that they would take special care to make sure that Mom's things would be taken care off and shipped accordingly. She started the process and sent me the paperwork immediately.

The long and short of it is that within 8 working days, with Lauren's due diligence and superb communication skills, my Mothers goods were picked up, weighed, invoice sent and after receiving payment were booked on a flight to leave South Africa on the 3rd of July.

I have to say that I have not experienced such commendable customer service in many years. I am especially surprised at this level of customer service from half way across the world with only one phone call and a hand full of emails. Lauren did not miss a beat, not even one, and kept me in the loop the whole way through. Her friendly efficient manner is something not often seen in taday's day and age anymore.

Thank You Lauren, I will forever be in your debt. U-BAG is lucky to have you on their team.

  • Ingrid Bester
    22 Feb 2012

Thank you for the great service with our two bags. We will certainly recommend your company to other travellers.

  • Ann Bush
    18 Jan 2010




    09 Nov 2009

Dear Justus,

I am finally getting around to thank you for the excellent service rendered for my shipment from South Korea. I would like to also thank the agent in South Korea who was also constantly in touch with me before collection of the bags. Not only did my shipment arrive intact, it was neatly wrapped and secured. The local courier company that delivered my bags to my door was very professional.

U-Bag will definitely be recommended anytime to family members and friends who would like to utilize international shipping.

  • Irene Richmond
    09 Nov 2009

Dear Simon,

I wanted to write to you to say how delighted I was with the U-bag service I employed during my relocation from UK to Singapore in June. In particular I wanted to mention Louise Austin in the London office whom I dealt with throughout. I don't know if as a Company you have an "employee of the month" award but if so I would like to nominate Louise for this please.

I was remarkably disorganised with my move, but Louise organised the paperwork and all of the forms within 24 hours of my online booking and within 4 days of initially submitting the order my bags were collected from home! I phoned her with so many questions in the 48 hours before collection, and she truly had the patience of a saint! She always phoned me back when she promised to, right down to calling me before I left the country to reassure me that my bags had made it to her and confirm the total to pay. On arrival in Singapore she sent me all of the flight details and the contact phone number at this end, and my bags were with me within a week of them being collected from home, and at the price I paid I firmly believe it was value for money.

In an age where I feel customer service is truly dying, I felt compelled to write to you as my whole experience with U-Bag was so incredible, and I would highly recommend the company to anyone else relocating abroad. I would have emailed much sooner but my first few weeks here in Singapore have been truly crazy.

Thank you for your time,

  • Carolyn Gauntlett
    14 Jul 2009

Dear Sirs,

Thank you very much for the outstanding service received from yourselves. The professional reception and service on Monday morning in your Johannesburg office and the confirmations immediately received as well as the fact that the suitcase was delivered to our son’s house in Sutton Surrey on Wednesday afternoon, 2 days later, was really service with a smile. Thanks very much indeed.

  • Neville Furmidge CA (SA) | Consultant
    22 Jun 2009

Dear U-bag

Having had my first experience with U-bags, I wanted to share my experience with those who made it happen. I was really impressed by the service I got. I have requested a shipping of my boxes from South Africa to The Netherlands. My experience was fantastic from start to finish. They were effecient in delivering boxes in South Africa for the packing, effecient in collecting them and storing them until payment was received, put them on the first flight as soon as payment was received and delivered it to the destination on the same week. They gave a time indication and they did stick to that with a great degree of professionalism. The prices were also by far the cheapest. It is great value for money. I will recommend it to other people for sure.

Keep up the good work.

  • Faten Aggad
    23 Jan 2009

Dear Justice

I would like to compliment you on the service I received from Gerhard.

I called and arranged for him to send a box to the UK, but could not furnish the delivery address as I had not yet received it from my son. It took about a week to sort the address out. Gerhard called me a few times to remind me about the box. He was always courteous, well-mannered and well spoken. He really went to great lengths to ensure that the box would be on a flight last night (without compromising your company in any way) because I told him I would like my son to receive his box before the Easter weekend. Gerhard needs to be commended for the great level of customer service he provides on behalf of U-Bag.

  • Vera Nortman – Standard Bank
    22 Mar 2008

Hi Sean,

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your service. I am so amazed at how easy and smooth everything went.My package was picked-up by your driver on Monday morning and it was delivered on Friday at noon.I never expected this process to be this easy and without any hassle.I will definitely use your services in the future as well as recommend it to family and friends.Please send this on to your manager/supervisor to convey my appreciation.

  • Annemie Hanekom
    12 October 2007

I have received all the boxes yesterday. Thank you very much. I must commend you on your fast, efficient and value added service. I am taken aback by the service that your company offers. Well Done!!! Thanks again. I will definitely recommend U-Bag to all friends and family in the future.

  • Shaik
    01 Oct 2007


I collected my bags on Friday, 4pm Perth time. There were no problems in getting the bags. Thanks for attaching the pre-filled customs forms and a copy of the passport that you got from me while I was there. It came in real handy as I didn't have to fill out the forms again, also as I went to collect the bags from work I did not take my passport to the customs house. so I showed the copy and that satisfied the customs guards. I had to pay the AU$60 to the Qantas Baggage handling company and they released the bags within 30mins.

Thanks for the assistance and great service

  • Angelmo Shanmuganathan
    29 Oct 2007

I wanted to thank you for the efficient and pleasant manner in which you arranged my trip to London. Most of all your recommendation of U-bag saved me a small fortune in excess baggage costs (I took approx 140 kgs with me!) and allowed me to bring along items to help my son and myself settle in and feel at home in a strange land for the time we are to be here and for this I am very grateful as I could not have afforded to this otherwise. I can strongly recommend their service as relaible and very efficient and I found Donovan who helped me very friendly, knowlegeable and well organised. Everything was trouble free and their door-to-door service is brilliant and stress free.

  • Deborah Roberts
    27 Jul 2007

Thank you Sean, We were very happy with the service offered by your company and will both use the company again and encourage others to.

  • Lize - Strauss.co.nz
    11 Jul 2007

Hi Thashni

Thanks so much for your assistance this afternoon. It is such a pleasure dealing with someone so professional and organised and gives us peace of mind!

  • Kerry
    30 Apr 2007

Trust you had a nice restful weekend.A little note to say thank you for all your help regarding package from DBN-DOHA,your helpfulness,kindness and expertise were much appreaciated.The good news is that the parcel arrived on Sunday with everything intact and better still was getting the marshmallow easter eggs. Keep up the good work-you are great and I am sure we will need to use U-bag again.

  • Sharlene von Berg
    12 Apr 2007

Dear Sean
I just wanted to let you know that all our boxes arrived yesterday. I wanted to thank you for your excellent service and all the help in getting our stuff over to Germany. Deltec in Germany were also fantastic.

  • Sally
    3 Apr 2007

Thanks Monique, as usual your service is excellent and a pleasure doing business with you - here's to a long and prosperous liason, I hope.

  • Mags Jackson
    23 Mar 2007

To Whom It May Concern,

I have recently taken on the responsibility of sending luggage to South Africa for a friend and have been worrying about it for well over two months now. My friend, to whom I'm sending the luggage, has had difficulty in communicating with me and this has created even more of a problem and less piece of mind. However, Gena stepped in and acted as a middle party and has taken control of the entire situation. She was in touch with the South African branch to get hold of all the necessary forms, she then contacted me with dates on when the goods can be collected and all the procedures which will take place and she has kept constant contact with me to reassure everything is going according to plan. Gena has taken all the responsibility from me and dealt with it so promptly and professionally that my first impression of your company is of the very highest standard.

In my line of work we constantly have people moving and I can assure you that, thanks to Gena, I will be referring all of them to U-Bag. She deserves every bit of recognition... Thanks Gena, job well done!!!

  • Alan Ridderhof
    21 Mar 2007

Hi Monique.

I just wanted to email you and thank you and your Company for such excellent service! It was fantastic!!! Everything arrived safely and with such efficiency!!! Both Wendy and I are definitely going to recommend your company to all those we come across as we are both so impressed! It is definitely one to remember for future use. Thank you again!

  • Julia Kruger
    5 Mar 2007

My beautiful African table arrived yesterday and its in perfect condition. Thank you both for your help in getting it to me. This table will give me great memories of my trip to Africa for many, many years.

  • Doug Lambert
    14 Jan 2007

Thanks Thashni & Sean for assisting me during the holidays.


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