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Our Services / Destination Notes - Part 2

Destination Notes


These notes are for guidance only. U-bag cannot accept responsibility for their accuracy and they are subject to change without prior notice




All House Airwaybills must have consignee telephone number and contact as there is no Directory of Enquiries in Japan! All Personal Effect shipments require a packing list and an unaccompanied baggage form which can be obtained from Japan Airlines or the Japanese consulate.

Korea ( South)


The following items if sent on a To Door basis service, may be subject to delay in clearance and may be liable to high bonded warehouse fees which will be passed onto the consignee: Japan origin goods, used goods, Compact Discs, Computer monitors and printers, Computer parts, Portable phones, Communication equipment, Medicines and Automobile parts. South Korea will not accept liquids in the form of drums or plastic containers. Please be aware of the new wood quarantine rules..



Please note the following ruling from the Kuwait authorities: A penalty charge of KWD 50.00 will be imposed on any amendments/deletions. All shipments must be accompanied by a Certificate of Origin which must be an ORIGINAL copy. The shipper will be responsible for any storage or fines if an original certificate of origin is not provided. It will be the responsibility of the Shipper/Consignee to arrange for any required documents to be sent to destination and to settle any fines/storage involved. All House airwaybills must be originals and copy 2 must be forwarded to Kuwait. All House airwaybills must be rated at FULL IATA. Personal Effects are not allowed in consolidations.




All House airwaybills and Invoices must be originals.



Original House airwaybills only. No photocopies allowed
Door to Door shipments must show the final destination airport, not the hub ie. Kota Kinabalu via KUL must show Kota Kinabalu in the destination box. Consignee telephone numbers must be shown on the door to door shipments to avoid high storage charges.




Please refer to “ South & Central America”




Any shipments addressed to the British Embassy or related to Diplomatic Corps are not accepted in consolidations.

New Zealand


Please be aware of new customs regulations regarding reporting of cargo prior to arrival. For Personal Effects shipments, please be aware that quarantine fees will also apply and the timescale for deliveries averages 5-7 working days. To assist with the clearance of personal effects in New Zealand, the following information is required:

  • Copy of passport with photograph

  • Copy of visa or work permits

  • A letter from the consignee authorising U-bag’s agent in New Zealand to clear the goods on their behalf.

  • All Personal Effects shipments require an Unaccompanied Baggage form signed by the consignee, and a copy of their passport – all pages.

  • Panama

  • Please refer to “South & Central America”



Please refer to “South & Central America”



All house airwaybills must be original.



All house airwaybills must be originally signed.
To Door shipments are valid up to a maximum CIF value of GBP 5000.00



All House airwaybills and invoices must be original, photocopies and laser copies are not permitted. The Top copy of the House airwaybill must be signed. An original Certificate of origin and a full packing list is required for all shipments.



Please ensure that the consignee is able to accept and clear goods prior to shipping of the goods. Failure to do so may result in a shipment being returned and charged for accordingly.


Saudi Arabia


The following items cannot be accepted on Airport to Door services:
Alcohol, Communication equipment, Drugs, Electronic equipment, Films, Laser discs, Phones, Modems, Radar equipment & transmitters, Tapes and Videos, Telecommunication equipment, Cosmetics, Foodstuffs, Beverages, Liquids or Powders and Personal Effects.


Consignee telephone numbers must be shown on all House airwaybills. Personal Effects must have passport numbers on the house airwaybill and be accompanied by a full packing list. All hazardous shipments require a pre-clearance which can take up to 4 weeks.


Airport to Door shipments should have CIF values below US$ 13,000.00.

South Africa


Rates for Airport to Door shipments exclude some local charges which are related to customs clearance, such as Customs screening, which can vary according to destination. Commercial invoices are a requirement for all shipments entering South Africa including Personal Effects. SA Customs require an invoice for the contents with a value before they will release the goods.

All Personal Effects shipments must be sent with a copy passport, packing list and value for customs. The consignee must collect the documents and settle any local charges prior to reporting to Customs in person along with their original passport. The passport must show the relevant departure and arrival stamps and the owner must have been out of the country for at least six months. All to Door shipments for Personal Effects can only be cleared with the consignee’s original passport. No copies allowed.


Sri Lanka


All House airwaybills must be rated. Customs will not accept “As Agreed”. Personal Effects shipments go to a separate warehouse in Columbo

South & Central America


All House airwaybills must be rated, Customs will not accept “As Agreed” Full consignee addresses with contact telephone and/or fax numbers must be shown on the house airwaybill. All invoices must be originals and South American Customs will require original packing lists.


Personal Effects shipments to South American destinations must have a packing list and photocopy of the consignees passport. The shipper and consignee must be the same person. Original passport and airline tickets will be required for customs clearance. NO door to door facilities are available for Personal Effects.


It is important that the freight is labeled with the house airwaybill and consignee address. Without this Customs may impose fines. Please refer to TACT regulations for all shipments to these regions. Customs fines will be charged to the shipper if the regulations are not followed. Original copy 2 of house airwaybills must be sent forward. Brochures, catalogues or publicity material that are exported to the Americas can attract high rates of duty and taxes.



All House airwaybills must show the Master airwaybill it is traveling under.




Please ensure correct EFTA declaration is shown on the invoice with original signature. Example of an EFTA declaration for




“The Exporter of the products covered by this document declares that, except where otherwise clearly indicated, these products are of (state origin of goods)…… preferential origin” original signature



IMPORTANT NOTE: to comply with Syrian Customs regulations please ensure that all House airwaybills follow these instructions:

  • All House airwaybills must be typed

  • Correct Master airwaybill must be shown on the house airwaybill

  • All House airwaybills must be rated



All House airwaybills must be original




All amendments to House airwaybills after departure must be completed by the airline. This is a Customs Regulation. Carrier charges for this service differ. If a consignee wishes to clear a shipment in a different airport to the one that U-bag consigned it to, the consignee will have to accept all the additional charges. All shipments must be labelled to House airwaybill level, or a fine will be imposed by Customs. Customer shipping personal effects to Taiwan must fill in the appropriate form upon arrival at the airport.



To comply with Customs regulations all House airwaybills must be original, show rate per kilo and total, and must NOT contain any amendments of any kind. Failure to comply will result in heavy fines and delays. All Personal Effects shipments have to be cleared with an original copy of the consignees passport. PLEASE NOTE hand written amendments are not permitted. If a House airwaybill needs amending after departure, the amendment has to be authorized and completed by the carrier. Charges for this vary according to the carrier.



Turkish Customs require original commercial invoices and ATR for clearance with declared value for every shipment. For airport to Door shipments, foodstuffs and beverages require a Control Certificate. Computer parts and communications equipment require a Maintenance and Service certificate. If these are not provided, it will delay customs clearance. For Personal Effects shipments an original copy of the consignees passport is required.




All House airwaybills and invoices MUST be originals

United Arab Emirates


All House airwaybills must be originals and rated. Please provide a minimum of 4 copies. No handwritten amendments to House airwaybills are allowed. Please provide an original commercial invoice with the Shippers stamp and signature.



Please refer to Central & South America




US Customs will not accept commercial invoices issued by a Forwarder. These invoices must be issued by the Shipper.




Personal Effects shipments are permissible to the majority of US destinations but must be accompanied by a US Customs form 3299 and a packing list. Please ensure all House airwaybills contain full consignee name and address and telephone number otherwise storage charges will be billed to the shipper.




Goods under Temporary Import cannot be sent as a To Door shipment and must be sent as Airport to Airport.
Please note that should the consignee refuse to give “Power of Attorney” and an alternative agent is engaged to customs clear a shipment, U-bag will not credit any to Door charges on To Door shipments.




Please refer to South & Central America



Shipment to Ndola and Livingstone must be cleared in Lusaka.



All Personal Effects shipments have to be cleared in Harare with the consignee present. Hand written House airwaybills are no longer accepted.


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